Words, Downloads, and Thoughts

Many days God speaks to me.  It is a true blessing.  Often it is to ease my mind or answer a question.  Sometimes it is more deeply theological or some clarified biblical understanding.  Many times it is seriously Deep Calling Out to Deep stuff which just blows my mind.  Occasionally, it is a full scale Word of Knowledge or Wisdom.  It can come in many forms from audible to a deep feeling or even organized mental guidance; often it is conversational.  Many times it is something that should be shared with the world in a forum like this.  I wish I had thought of this Podcast Blog many years ago, but I am sure He gave me the idea today for a reason.  So, these are like diary entries, but verbal.  I never did keep a diary or journal.  I should have.  It would be awesome to be able to look back, but now there will be this.  God please secure this location and these words.  Please bless this endeavor and guard my words and thoughts.  Protect my heart and mind and draw me closer to You every day.  Amen.  Here we go....

First Official God Diary Entry
Living INSIDE the Fortress
Journal 1.mp3
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The Holy Name of Jesus
A quick Video Blog on how unique and special this Name is.
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