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Within the Holy Bible, which, regardless of post-enlightenment historic revisionism, has existed in nearly complete modern form since the dawn of the second Century; “believers”, a group defined by their faith in the Gospel of the Word of God (called Christians since the church in Antioch), receive a series of significant life lessons; both as a way to learn from the past, and as a gateway into wisdom pertaining to their present lives.  In terms of this educational or pragmatic style of theology, often called “practical”, one of the books or series of lessons within the Bible stands out as unique.  The church in Ephesus is the only group within the New Testament that receives both a mention within the Christological letters of Revelation and an Epistle from the Apostle Paul.  The Ephesians are also the subject of one of the first post-biblical works, an epistle by the Apostle John’s apprentice Ignatius.  As the only group of believers or location to receive such attention, it seems likely that the church in Ephesus stands as a representative church, a source of significant lessons for modern churches and their leaders.  Therefore, it is the purpose of this work to study the city of Ephesus, discover why it may well be such a representative church, and to unpack the relevant writings, specifically the canonical Epistle, with an eye to unveiling wisdom and lessons that impact modern churches and their leadership.  This thesis can be summarized by proposing that within the biblical and surrounding works involving the ancient city of Ephesus, a series of formative instructions might be uncovered that can lead to a better understanding of the principles of Biblical Leadership and what it means to be a defender of the faith, referred to herein as a holy warrior or “modern paladin”.  The final goal, if such study of those Ephesian works proves worthy, being the development of an Adult Church Leader Discipleship Program based on the biblical truth and wisdom unveiled therein.  As it is based entirely upon His Word and His Wisdom, may God bless this work and the resulting system to the blessing and edification of His People.


Table of Contents


  • How to Use this Book

  • Part One:City of Distractions

  • Part Two:Unpacking Ephesians

    • Introduction to Exegesis

    • Notes on Style

    • Ephesians 1

    • Ephesians 2

    • Ephesians 3

    • Ephesians 4

    • Ephesians 5

    • Ephesians 6


  • Part Three:Further Lessons from Ephesus

  • Part Four:The Modern Paladin System -- Lessons for Modern Church Leaders

    • Solid Foundation

    • No Apologies


    • Sample Full Curriculum

    • Final Word:The Sword of God


  • List of Historical Bible Scholars

  • Viva Voce Transcript


  • Works Cited Bibliography